What to avoid when preparing your wedding preparations

Planning a guest list for a Best Wedding is one of the hardest pieces of the wedding, and this is one of the first things you need to do.

If the Invitation List is already putting you in a strase, take a look at our Invitation Preparation list. We think we will make your business easier.

Prepare a Wedding Budget

The more guests you are invited = the more expense you can express in simple manners. Wedding venues usually provide you with service as wedding venues for dinner and cocktails.

You should plan your wedding budget in advance.

Choose a Nearby Wedding Place

Everyone wants to experience an unforgettable wedding ceremony in the Himalayas. But a wedding without an invitation will not be very cheerful. If the bride and groom are not very successful in attracting halay, there must be a crowded wedding and they are boiled together. This means that invitees will have easy access, and easy-to-access wedding venues.

Wedding Place Selection

The invitation for the wedding must be proportional to the size of the wedding venue and the size of the wedding venue. The 250 person wedding hall will give you a frustration at the end. Considering the possibility that your guests can bring guests, you should choose a wedding venue according to the number of invitations.

Be prepared for extra extras

You should be prepared to pay extra for the wedding during the wedding. You will be surprised at the cost of food and cocktail for the next 50 extra wedding guests - if you are transporting them you will be charged for transportation costs.

Thinking in Children

Children who fall in the most beautiful places of your wedding - crying around - will fall hard on your business. So when choosing a wedding venue, you can choose a wedding venue for children s playground.

Choosing a wedding venue that is a babysitter will help you and your invites to spend a better time

Also wedding venues with baby care rooms can be preferred.


You can reserve a special table for your colleagues. Do not forget to invite your colleagues who have more time in your daily life than even your family members. You may not need to invite people you are not very sincere.

Organize with your family

Act in consultation with your family members when planning your wedding. There will surely be something they will contribute to you. There may also be people to add to your invitation list.